About FAA Examinations

We consist of a group of highly experienced North American instructors, examiners, and commercial operating pilots. Our combined experience has enabled us to provide all the right questions to ensure you are ready for any aviation test the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) can throw at you.

Our questions about the Private Pilot License (PAR Exams) and Commercial Pilot License (CAX Exams) all coincide with the testing syllabus required by the FAA for Private Airman Knowledge Test and Commercial Airman Knowledge Test.

The Private Pilot Airman Knowledge Test (PAR) or Commercial Pilot Airman Knowledge Test (CAX) exams are all prepared for with self-study and it can be difficult to find what exactly is needed to pass.

The FAA does not give any questions from its database to anyone in the public. They only release one practice exam which is available on the FAA PSI website.

You are required to self-study the relevant areas in order to pass the knowledge test and we can provide proof to your instructor in order to write the exam.

The PPL exams (PAR) and the CPL exams (CAX) consist of multiple-choice questions. The time limit has been reduced to 2 hours since June 2023. There are 60 questions in the exam and now there are 5 pre-test questions that you will not be graded on but are used for statistical purposes by the FAA.

Our exams cover all the aspects that the FAA will test you on. We have included information that will be invaluable during your training.

The Federal Aviation Administration Airman exams can be stressful but we have compiled all the relevant information and have had the greatest success in assisting pilots all over North America. Our site is simple yet extremely effective in preparing you for the aviation examinations. Questions, answers, and references are given and you just work your way through them.

Our subscription service will give you access to over 1000 questions that are just like the final exam. We have covered everything required to pass with flying colors and best of all we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!!